Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Doug's Bench Part IV: Reinforcing the Seat

To install the threaded rod reinforcement in the seat of Doug’s Shoe Bench I began by routing three (3) ½” x ½” grooves down the length of the underside of the bench seat. Then I cut three (3) pieces of 3/8” threaded rod to fit into three (3) respective holes. I use 3/8” threaded rod in the ½” slot in order to allow room for the epoxy around the threaded rod.

Getting ready to route the slots.

The final step before mixing up the epoxy is to cut shims. The shims are used to hold the threaded rod up off the bottom of the groove and roughly center it to allow the epoxy to completely surround it. For shims I uses standard composite builders shims, such as you would use for a window or door installation. I cut about ½” of off the bottom at the narrowest point. Then I take that ½” x about 1” piece and cut it into roughly ½” x ½” squares. I do this by eye. The exact fit isn’t critical. The point is to raise up the threaded rod so that its high enough for epoxy to fit below it while sitting low enough for epoxy above.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Dividing the Drawer

For years I've used a wall hanging toolbox system for my screwdrivers. The system is pretty neat. It consists of a cleat to fasten to the wall, a frame which hangs on the cleat and three (3) drawers which are removable from the frame. The frame has a handle and removed from the cleat and carried around as a big, three drawer tool box or an individual drawer can be taken out and carried around by it's own handle.

The trusty old toolbox system for my screw drivers.

The toolbox has been a great way to store my screwdrivers, with straights and Philips going in the top drawer, Torx and Allen keys going in the middle drawer and nut drivers going in the bottom drawer. The arrangement works so well because 95% of the time I just grab the top drawer and take it to wherever I'm working. In the decade or so that I've had the system, I don't think I've ever taken more than two (2) drawers. I know I've never taken the rack off the wall and used is as a single big toolbox.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

2015 February Shop Tour

The February Shop Tour begins with my being locked out of the shop. Once I've cut through the attic and climbed down from the ceiling, we take the tour.

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Chad Can Do It, So Can You

Popular Woodworking has a long running section in each issue called I Can Do That (ICDT). Each article tackles the construction of a straightforward project build using a small and easily attainable tool kit.

Recently, PopWood has upped their ICDT game with the addition of a video series. The ICDT videos are hosted by +Chad Stanton of Stanton Fine Furniture, American Woodworker Magazine and Wood Choppin' Time.

I've read the ICDT articles for years and recently watched the first ICDT video with Chad. The video adds a great, instructive element to the articles and while not as tongue in cheek as many of the videos Chad is known for, he is comfortable in front of the camera and puts the viewer at ease with a paced instructional tone that teaches as it entertains.

While these ICDT videos are intended for beginners, they're worth checking out for everyone. You never know when you'll need a small table you can make in a day rather than a masterpiece you can build in a few months.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Get The Webelos Woodworking

This year my twins are Webelos Ones. They picked up their Webelos badge at February Pack Night and they're racing towards their Arrow of Light. For Activity Badge instruction, we're deviating slightly from the Arrow of Light Path and working on the Craftsman.

Though every Activity Badge is designed to prepare the boys  for being responsible, self-reliant citizens, the Craftsman is close to my heart because it teaches the boys to build. In order to fulfill the Craftsman Achievement the Weblos need to build two (2) useful items out of wood, One (1) display and four (4) useful items out of non-wood materials.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Better Dust Deputy Attachment

My good friend +Todd Clippinger of American Cratsman Workshop caught my silly live stream I broadcast of my Dust Deputy setup.

Todd emailed me some great advice he learned when he setup his Dust Deputy in 2013. He found that because the attachment of the dust deputy attachment points put stress on the plastic bucket lid, he added a donut of plywood below the lid to act as a giant washer and distribute the stress better.

Todd explains the entire process for adding the plywood donut in this video.

He also has a good description of his entire Dust Deputy experience in his post about it here.

Be sure to check out Todd's posts as he's an amazing woodworker and his enthusiasm for the craft is infectious. You can also see our interview with him on the MWA Podcast here.

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Shop Time!!!

Last night I finally had a few hours to myself in the shop. Since early November I've been working on deadlined projects and unable to take a moment for the shop itself.

While it's still far from done, I checked three small and annoying things off of my shop To Do list:

1) I Fixed The Ceiling
The night of the Pinewood Derby my garage door stuck closed. You'll have to watch the February shop tour (once I'm done editing it) to see the entire sorted tale. Suffice to say, I had to cut a hole in the ceiling to get in.

The view of the polyisocyanurate from inside the shop.

For the last two (2) weeks this hole has been pouring all of my sweet, heated shop air into the insulated attic above the shop. Tonight I cut a piece of polyisocyanurate to fit between the rafters over the hole and sealed it with Great Stuff. While I was in the attic, I also Great Stuffed any cracks or voids I could see light through. The shop should be better air sealed than ever.

2) I Fixed the Green Circuit
My shop has three (3) 20 amp 120V circuits. I've color coded the outlets (blue, green & white) so that I can tell which are connected to which circuits. Since I started on Doug's Shoe Bench the green outlets haven't worked.

Tonight I took apart the temporary junction box below the fuse panel and re-installed the wall panel and permanent outlet box there. Once it was all put back together, the current was flowing.


3) I Assembled my Dust Deputy (& Live Streamed It)
I've had a Dust Deputy sitting in a box for a few years. With my ClearVue Ridgid Blower Vac Cyclone Adapter, I never felt compelled to connect it. Since I gave the ClearVue to my Did in December in order to clear up space in the shop, I've been trying to assemble the Dust Deputy.

The old ClearVue Ridgit Blower Vac Cyclone in the old looking shop.

While I was out today I picked up the final bucket I needed to put the whole thing together. It only took about 25 minutes and thanks to my HTC Re camera, I live streamed the entire thing to YouTube. I don't claim it makes for an entertaining watch, but it was still neat to document in that way. Maybe next month I'll live stream the shop tour (if I ever get February edited).

In the span of a few hours I knocked three (3) small, lingering tasks off my to do list. Tomorrow I get back to the honey do list and the Webelos Craftsman badge. Until next time, try to get some time in your shop too.

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