Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Sucking, Part IV

Over the last few weeks I've detailed my "quick & dirty" installation of my Dust Boy dust collector. This past weekend, I was finally able to setup the exhaust hose.

A hose goes in and now a hose goes out.

Because I was disappointed by the amount of chips I found in the dust bag I decided to eliminate it for now. Instead of having the dust collector exhaust into a filter bag that's probably 30+ microns, it now exhausts via what was the original intake hose. It's a 6" flex duct which I've rigidly mounted to the wall. At the end I fit a standard sheet metal fitting for a home heating grill. With the installation of a quick sheet metal hook, the exhaust hose easily snaps into place and blows out behind the bushes in front of the house. It's not ideal, but It's better than blowing into the shop.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Designing & Building Chairs w/ Jeff Miller

Last fall I trekked down to Atlanta to attend Jeff Miller's Designing & Building Chairs class at Highland Woodworking. I had a wonderful weekend with Jeff and my Atlanta Modern Woodworkers Association friends.

The class was fantastic and offered lots of hands on opportunity.

During the class, Chris spent some time playing with a camera. It turns out he was recording a video for Highland.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sucking, Part III

It's Monday night as I write this and already it's been a long week. I've just finished work and alas, there's no time to head out to the shop now. Looks like this dust collector setup will be a four part post.

Soon enough, it'll be sucking with the best of them.
Though I've not yet finished the setup I have managed to connect the Dust Right fittings onto each tool and to the dust collector itself. Fitting them on the tools was easy. I simply slid them over the integral 4" male ports and tightened the included hose clamp. The dust collector was only a little more work, but because I had to go out and buy a piece of duct, it seemed like a lot more.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Woodshop Widget is Back!

Kenneth Woodruff developed my favorite woodworking app, The Woodshop Widget. As he describes it:
The Woodshop Widget is a rich collection of wood-related utilities, ranging from board volume calculation to shellac mixing aids, squareness testing and many other goodies. It is useful in woodworking as well as in DIY and construction/contracting projects. It contains a wide range of functionality that handles many tedious tasks simply and clearly, and extensive information on 288 species of wood.

There was plenty of hoopla when the original iOS version came out. In 2012 he created the Android version and made a truly useful application I've used in the shop many times. We had him on the MWA Podcast to discuss it. Kenneth was so on top of things that he actually fixed the web version of the Woodshop Widget while were recording.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Power To Suck

Setting up the dust collector hasn't been as easy as I'd figured. After taking it down from the attic I had issues with power, having to connect a new circuit and re-wire the dust collector itself (adding a switch).

Finally setup and sucking.

With that work done, I was left deciding on which type of hose to use. For the last week I've been using the 6" flex hose which came with the dust collector. While I know rigid ducting is better, and I will certainly use rigid ducting when I settle on a home in my shop for the beast, for now I'll be using flex hose to temporarily connected the dust collector from one machine to another.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Listen Up, Damn It!

Many of you may know that I drive about 30,000 miles a year, back and forth across Long Island and the NYC metro area for work as a commercial construction project manager. During that time, I burn through audio. It takes a constant supply of Tech, News, History & Humor podcasts plus regular audio book listening to keep the time filled.

Since It's inception, I've loved to listen to Wood Talk Show. As the original audio woodworking podcast, Marc, Matt and now Shannon have brought the joy of the woodshop to my drive time. They guys all know what they're doing and there's a reason they're so prominent in the online community.

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Almost 380 posts in and we've hit a another milestone. The Penultimate Woodshop is turning 4 today. In consistently updated blog years, it's mid-life crisis time.

Thanks to everyone for reading.

Here's to many more years.

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